Welcome to Nimses
Worldwide network that forges digital coins from the minutes humans have lived
Welcome to Nimses!
It's a worldwide network that forges digital coins from the minutes humans have lived. "Time is a thief" isn't an excuse anymore. "Save your time" is no longer a metaphor. A day has 24 hours, 1440 minutes. It is a value that used to drift away and drown in the abyss of history. No more!
How does it work?
Nimses is built on a technical solution that traces the time of an actual human being. Every minute the system makes a unique 50-digit record marking a specific person at a specific point of life. This record is called a NIM.
Each and every Nim is unique, protected, and has no expiration date. It can't be forged or damaged. All Nims end up in the NIMB–the personal balance of their creator. For instance, over the course of 80 years the system will make 42,048,000 such records, accumulating this exact number of minutes lived.
Nimses erases the distinction between online and offline. When displaying the interface, the app prioritizes people physically present nearby, and brings the SIDEWALK newsfeed, which is formed by those very people at that given location, straight to your screen. It is the most direct access to the most current information: the one forming here and now. Everyone sees the Nimbs of each other in real time and the content linked to a specific place.
Where to get it?
The app is free and available for download through the App Store and Google Play. You can invite others whose lives aren't saved yet and get rewarded with a one-time Nim transfer. Since the Nims can neither be forged nor artificially produced, the only way to get more of them is to communicate with other people who can then share their Nims with you.
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